Off the Cuff

I’ve never understood Halloween. People use it as an excuse to dress strangely. Anything goes. Why just on one day? Why not any other day, if that’s how you want to dress? Today we went to the Art Center to enter a painting in an upcoming exhibit. Usually, I have very little interest in the […]

Stormy Day

The first storm of the season is usually the one remembered the easiest. How true for our first storm of the “winter” that arrived on Oct 22. It was such a beautiful morning as the big clouds in the south were confronted with even bigger darker clouds from the north. I was busily shooting pictures […]


The first week of March was filled with dancing. Various troups from all over performed at the side of the church around sunset or later at the botanical gardens. We didn’t ever make the hike 10 blocks south to get the tickets for the limited seating in the gardens, but we caught a few of […]

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the biggest church in Oaxaca, and seems to be where everything happens. The grounds take up four square blocks, and consist of the church, the ex-convent (which is now a huge museum), the botanical gardens, and the buildings at the entrance to the gardens, at least part of which is a library. […]