Steve Burnett; dreamer, idea man

Although Steve has lots of leadership qualities, he doesn’t really like his picture taken. Steve hiding

He’s a generous and thoughtful person.

He has talents in art, photography, design, and other fields.
One thing he’s good at is ideas, and getting things started.

He’s always had an interest in art, but hasn’t applied himself to it lately.
Steve reading Art Spirit

Here he is!


  • And how I miss those qualities. Those qualities that went so unappreciated by so many. Now the soldier is gone….

  • It’s nice to see your smiling face-Sancho. Glad to see you are happy. I am enjoying the website-you need to update it more often. Glad you and Joy are there!!

  • Very nice Steve…and I finally got to hear a bit more about Joy. She seems to be the Joy of your life. I am glad you took the jump..
    Now I can live through you…. I am sure you are missed big time at Lufkin.
    Take care and I really like the site….
    I am in love with BACK. Just wondering what the FACE looked like….
    Stay in touch!!

  • I always new that you had great talents. I am very happy that you finally got a chance to share them. You look happy!

  • Look, all I want to know is where can I get me some of that TRASH ART???!!! I think an on-line catalogue is in order here. Hurry, though! There’s only 59 1/2 days left til Christmas! Oh, and would you be interested in a house swap for the weekend?

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