A Night at the Museum

Last night was the fund raiser at the Art Museum.  Steve contributed two works of art for the silent auction portion of the event. One was Maya’s Return which was painted October 2007. The other was Anahita which we finished in early June. This one generated a lot of comments. Our walls look a little […]

Fishy Business

There’s a story in here somewhere… The Art Center has another little exhibit going on in May, and today is the receiving day. We’ve spent some time coming up with our “Fish Tales” entry. As you can see by the picture, it’s free-hanging on the wall. It measures about 2 feet wide and 16 inches […]

Synthetic vs. Natural Happiness

Watch this presentation. It gives some data about how our brains synthesize happiness. Watch at YouTube What Steve and I determined is that the type of happiness is irrelevant. Unless you are just a really pessimistic person, you will be fairly happy whether your circumstances warrant it or not. The key ingredient seems to be […]

How do you define fun?

I’ve been thinking that I want to be a more fun person, such that people would actually use the word fun to describe me. Sounds great, but this thought brings up other painful thoughts such as I’m not currently fun and the change is needed. Another thing that always comes up for me is the […]

There’s magic in your brain

Just by reading these words your brain is performing the most amazing magic: translating these squiggly lines into words that convey meaning. What an awesome invention writing is! How did those cavemen get along without it? And would their brains have performed the same magic if they had the opportunity? You’ve probably seen another neat […]

Spin Your Brain

I received this picture in an email claiming that the direction that you see the girl spinning indicates which side of the brain you are using. Clockwise means right brain and counterclockwise means left brain. It’s common knowledge that various functions of your brain are carried out by the different sides, based on how it […]

Using Blend Modes in Photoshop

When I put up my photo gallery, Valerie asked, “How about a little insight on the Stillness?” We had gone to Hermann Park one of many times, and shot pictures of birds on the water. It had more bushes in the background. I cropped it, and added 3 layers with different blend modes. I didn’t […]

Remote viewing and ETs

The mind is a wonderful thing. People have claimed to do all sorts of things with it that are outside of normal experience, such as astral travel, hypnosis, meditation, healing, channeling, bi-location, communication with dead people, predictions, psychic readings, and a lot of others I’m not familiar with. These things fascinate me, probably because life […]

Clouds Calendar

Well, Carolyn asked for it, so we put together a calendar of some of our best pictures of clouds. It was difficult to decide which to include. I don’t think I would have chosen the two that Carolyn liked best, so consider it a group effort. Here’s the cover. It has all the holidays marked, […]

Habitual Thinking

A programmer friend of mine wrote me a note the other day, lamenting that he tried to figure out how to solve a programming problem, but was having trouble because he just couldn’t “see” the solution like he used to be able to. He’s been working for over 20 years in more of a system […]