The Morphing of a House

We haven’t had much to say on here for quite some time. Mostly there isn’t much to say about losing a brother/friend to brain cancer and having to manage all of his affairs alongside your own. Basically, we’ve been pretty busy. But as of June 29th, we are no longer working on or living in […]

Changes in laptops don’t compute

I spent all day looking at computers and I finally ordered one at 8:00pm! I had done some research on several days previously, so I’m more knowledgeable than I was, but I’m tired of it. I never did like hardware. I wanted to get a laptop that is leading edge enough to last me 5 […]

Windfall from next door

The next-door neighbor has a mature pecan tree with lots of nuts. I saw them raking up leaves in the front yard and wondered what would happen to all the nuts. Guess what! They don’t want to take the time to pick up the pecans and shell them! So this morning I picked up “a […]

Just Enough and No More

I’ve been spending some time lately researching how to fix Mike’s computer. He has a motherboard with RAID, so of course he was using it, as the boot disk. Then on the 13th or so, it got caught in a reboot loop due to an error on the disk. It took me a while to […]

Who’s Watching Us and Why?

I read the following in Paul Myers’ newsletter and had to share it TalkBiz News Issue for August 26, 2010 Today’s issue gets into some things I think everyone who uses computers or cell phones needs to consider. This is serious stuff, and it’s important. Feel free to share this with anyone you like, including […]

Old Cars

It’s not that I’m worried or anything, or keep thinking about this stuff even though I deliberately changed my habits… Joy to Robbie: I think I asked you this before but I don’t remember. What is it exactly that they made electronic in car engines that would be affected by an EMP? I had a […]

Joining Families

I guess I can say I have another sister now. Well, she’s an in-law, but it’s pretty close. My brother Andrew married Andrea. They both have used the name Andy for years. It was interesting, with Hank not wearing his reading glasses and Andy dropping the ring. A good time was had by all. We […]

Economy of scale

Joy wrote: The BusinessWeek article “Yuan poised to become Reserve Currency, Goldman’s O’Neill Says” shows we have to watch out for China. It has the power to do whatever it wants. Robert Reynolds wrote: Laura and I talk about this problem frequently.  There just isn’t anything left for people to do in this country, except […]

Study: texture detail

You’ve heard that saying “I know it like the back of my hand”? I can’t relate. There are so many grooves and furrows and twists and turns that if I was a bug that had to cross that terrain, I would be lost for a long while. I think the texture and patterns are fascinating. […]

Holes in the ground

A twenty year old pond is bound to have some problems. This one in Florida has been losing water and is full of slime. After catching what fish he could, Steve has stepped in to see what the matter is. He worked hard to get to the bottom of things. Just a little scrubbing will […]

Quiet Holiday

After a very quiet morning in Merida, walking the empty streets looking at the various patinas of paint on the walls, we now hear a few cars and a few more rockets. Apparently the major event of the holiday season is on Christmas eve. We heard plenty of fireworks, which increased near midnight and continued […]

What’s Home?

I’ve been looking for a home for awhile now. Nothing I find seems to fit the vague picture in my head. Attempts to flesh out the details falter somehow and the picture remains vague. Last night I watched the movie “Garden State”, which was supposed to be a great movie. To me it was average […]

Cold and Wet

Houston actually got some snow this year. And early in December, at that! It didn’t stick all morning, and then it piled up a little bit. I hear that El Campo (an hour south) got three inches. It was a good day to stay inside. Steve and I worked on gluing some chairs that Amy […]

Country Life

My brother Robbie has a bunch of chickens that follow you around, looking for a handout. This dog is very much at home with the chickens and doesn’t chase them, unlike the last dog. I think there are more walnuts than leaves on the tree this time of year. These are black walnuts, which are […]

Parting Shot

I suppose Steve is sitting around in Miami by now. Airplanes are great time-savers for international travelers, but then again having to go with the airlines’ schedule means wasting time at the airport. I got back to the house way before his airplane to Miami even arrived in Houston. Seeing him all ready to go […]