Holes in the ground

A twenty year old pond is bound to have some problems. This one in Florida has been losing water and is full of slime.

After catching what fish he could, Steve has stepped in to see what the matter is.
Steve in the pond

He worked hard to get to the bottom of things.
Steve scoops the sludge out

Just a little scrubbing will make this pond look a lot better and reveal 3 large cracks in the bottom.
Steve hoses the sides off

“I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go”

The pond looks much better and is almost dry. We’re going to the store to find something to patch the cracks.

Look what we found on the driveway. His tail is damaged and he wasn’t moving at all. We’ve never seen a lizard like this before.
Navarre lizard - 2010 01 25

Update for Jan. 31:
We got at least 2 inches of rain with the cold front, filling the pond. So Steve declared it done drying and filled it the rest of the way.
Now, looking quite different than it did, he has said he is finished.
Pond all done


  • The lizard is probably a Broadhead Skink, common in the Southeastern U.S.

    Broadhead Skink Datasheet for some info.

    What a job with the pond. I’ll bet it will be sparklingly beautiful when you’re finished. It always amazes me how much muck can accumulate seemingly out of nothing.

  • Wow, what a difference a Steve makes!

    The sparkling clear water just wipes out the browns and grays of winter.

    While your at it, maybe trim the entire Buddha Belly Bamboo to the ground. The new growth plant will look much cleaner in the spring and be less a job to manage in the summer.

    Great job.

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