Windfall from next door

The next-door neighbor has a mature pecan tree with lots of nuts. I saw them raking up leaves in the front yard and wondered what would happen to all the nuts. Guess what! They don’t want to take the time to pick up the pecans and shell them!

So this morning I picked up “a bushel and a peck”, according to Steve. They are not all good, but the ones that are, are delicious.

How can anyone just throw away that many good pecans?
We need to make some pies!


  • My neighbors had a squash vine that sent a branch with two squash on it over my wall. They were round and striped two shades of green like a smallish watermelon. I cut them in strips and dusted then with cornmeal and fried them. Foraged (stolen) bounty is always delicious. lol

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