The first week of March was filled with dancing. Various troups from all over performed at the side of the church around sunset or later at the botanical gardens. We didn’t ever make the hike 10 blocks south to get the tickets for the limited seating in the gardens, but we caught a few of […]

Monte Alban; A Trip Into the Past

Monte Alban is one of the most impressive of the ancient ruin sites in Mexico. During its peak, from the fourth to the eighth century, the city was inhabited by over 25,000 people. By 1000 A.D. it was abandoned. The grand plaza and tombs cover about one square mile atop a mountain that is situated […]

Here We Are; Getting Settled

When Joy and I wake in the morning, we know we are in Oaxaca. Shaking off dreams of serpents in trees makes way for strange bird songs along with the more familiar Inca dove call. If the birds don’t wake you, the bells will. As if to celebrate the rising of the sun, each cathedral […]

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the biggest church in Oaxaca, and seems to be where everything happens. The grounds take up four square blocks, and consist of the church, the ex-convent (which is now a huge museum), the botanical gardens, and the buildings at the entrance to the gardens, at least part of which is a library. […]

Weaving; warp and woof

We’ve met one of the local weavers. He just finished a beautiful big, red and black rug with the “Flor de Oaxaca” on it. This is a simple flower shape that is a symbol of peace. If he hasn’t sold it, we hope to get some pictures soon…

Steve Burnett; dreamer, idea man

Although Steve has lots of leadership qualities, he doesn’t really like his picture taken. He’s a generous and thoughtful person. He has talents in art, photography, design, and other fields. One thing he’s good at is ideas, and getting things started. He’s always had an interest in art, but hasn’t applied himself to it lately. […]

Joy Reynolds; realist

My ability to learn quickly, combined with my background in code development and legacy systems, enables me to be immediately productive in a variety of project environments. Sounds like something you’d see on a resume, doesn’t it? Well, actually, that’s where I got it. It’s not that I’m looking for a job, but my nature […]