Graffiti; Art?

Southern Mexico is said to be the birth place of painting on walls. Diego Rivera made a fine art of it.
Today, here in the city of Oaxaca it is alive and well.

From the little that I know there seems to be at least two kinds. One appears to be simple ‘tagging’, or the marking of territory of a gang. There must be many here because it is everywhere. You might hope that the youth of this beautiful city would have some pride in where they live, but if there is an open area to be tagged, it will be. The beauty of so many colonial structures, some 500 years old, is defaced by this tagging. After awhile you get used to ignoring it.

On the other hand, there is graffiti on sections of walls that surround the Benito Juárez sport park. Some of this work is very interesting and, I imagine, ever changing.

‘Tagging’ of a blue wall
The wall around the soccer field

Some, like this one, are highly political.

We haven’t deciphered the text on this one yet…

Many are highly whimsical.

The other side of the street.

And if your refreshment stand is nearby, it is not immune.