Call Me, Maybe

I’ve had a T-Mobile prepaid phone since 2005. It worked well for me to pay by the minute since I don’t use the phone very much. But times have changed and I am feeling the limitations of that kind of phone plan, so I did a bunch of research to see what other kinds of […]

Something to Get My Hands Into

Hanging out in beautiful Mexico too long can cause problems. Even though there is always something to do in Oaxaca I found myself near the coast with beautiful beach, perfect climate, wonderful people, etc. After a few months I just got bored, sad to say. Wanted to get my hands into something. So, Joy and […]

Xeriscape Symposium

We went to a Xeriscape Symposium on Saturday and the best topic was rainwater harvesting. The only trouble is you actually need some rain to harvest! Texas A&M has some information about calculating the size of the storage tank for the size of your catchment area and flushing out the first dirty part of the […]

Turtles Coming Ashore Near Puerto Escondido

Just east of here in Puerto Escondido, about a 30 minute ride, Sea Turtles have been coming ashore in droves since mid-August. An unusual number this year and it is continuing. Mexico has the largest numbers of protected turtles in the world now, since 1985 they have been closely guarded. Whole communities who used to […]

Candy Corn

My brother Robbie sent me some pictures yesterday, saying I thought you’d like to see some of the corn we grew this year. The crop was terrible because of the extremely dry weather, but the kernels are still pretty. I think they are gorgeous! They look like candy. Robbie continues, It’s interesting to see how […]

The Morphing of a House

We haven’t had much to say on here for quite some time. Mostly there isn’t much to say about losing a brother/friend to brain cancer and having to manage all of his affairs alongside your own. Basically, we’ve been pretty busy. But as of June 29th, we are no longer working on or living in […]

Maya’s Return – 2012

2012, just around the corner. Is there any clear vision of what to expect? Will I be as impressed by the events of 2012 as, after waiting many years, I was with Halley’s Comet? I didn’t go very far out of town, saw the speck through one small telescope and that was it. Certainly not […]

Changes in laptops don’t compute

I spent all day looking at computers and I finally ordered one at 8:00pm! I had done some research on several days previously, so I’m more knowledgeable than I was, but I’m tired of it. I never did like hardware. I wanted to get a laptop that is leading edge enough to last me 5 […]

In Only the Night

T’was late night, close to 10:00 When a tiny scream I heard And as I turned our Cat came in With a Bat! Not a bird.. She brings us a present ’bout every day Lizards, most days we see Tonight in she walks with her prey A winged, flapping, screaming bat wanting to be free […]

Windfall from next door

The next-door neighbor has a mature pecan tree with lots of nuts. I saw them raking up leaves in the front yard and wondered what would happen to all the nuts. Guess what! They don’t want to take the time to pick up the pecans and shell them! So this morning I picked up “a […]

Just Enough and No More

I’ve been spending some time lately researching how to fix Mike’s computer. He has a motherboard with RAID, so of course he was using it, as the boot disk. Then on the 13th or so, it got caught in a reboot loop due to an error on the disk. It took me a while to […]