Cold and Wet

Houston actually got some snow this year. And early in December, at that! It didn’t stick all morning, and then it piled up a little bit. I hear that El Campo (an hour south) got three inches. It was a good day to stay inside. Steve and I worked on gluing some chairs that Amy […]

Traveling and Unplanned Events

Joy and I are in Missouri visiting some of her family members: Robbie, her brother and his wonderful family in Osceola. Now we are visiting Lisa, her sister, farther up north, another very loving and welcoming bunch! So much to be told of Robbie, Laura, Phillip and Gordon. They have bought land and begun from […]

Country Life

My brother Robbie has a bunch of chickens that follow you around, looking for a handout. This dog is very much at home with the chickens and doesn’t chase them, unlike the last dog. I think there are more walnuts than leaves on the tree this time of year. These are black walnuts, which are […]

Tribal Gathering Spring 2009

My Friends and I have been having fun since way back, some 50 years or more! We get together at least twice a year for our official ‘Tribal Gathering’. I feel pretty lucky and love them all. Here we are during the first weekend in March. Click on a thumbnail to see a bigger picture. […]

Joy’s Lemon Basil

We have a garden. There is not much left this time of year except for Joy’s Lemon Basil. It took over our small space and she has made good use of it. The whole house smells of sweet lemon basil as it is ‘drying’ in our oven with just the pilot light warming and drying […]