Spin Your Brain

I received this picture in an email claiming that the direction that you see the girl spinning indicates which side of the brain you are using. Clockwise means right brain and counterclockwise means left brain. It’s common knowledge that various functions of your brain are carried out by the different sides, based on how it […]

Fine Young Talent

Joy’s nephew Phillip recently entered an art contest for Unschool kids. These kids are lucky to have parents that see to it that they learn, at home, in an unstructured format. I know there are exceptions but it seems that I have heard of many of these kids that excel beyond the norm. Phillip and […]

Using Blend Modes in Photoshop

When I put up my photo gallery, Valerie asked, “How about a little insight on the Stillness?” We had gone to Hermann Park one of many times, and shot pictures of birds on the water. It had more bushes in the background. I cropped it, and added 3 layers with different blend modes. I didn’t […]

Weekend Weirdness

Joy and I got weird this weekend. I’m talking about art, people! We discovered some new techniques for some interesting photography. Here are two examples involving digital collage. More to come soon. . The Sea of Love     .   Dream Catcher

Evolution of an image

I was cleaning out my computer of a lot of old clutter and I came across the cloud image that I used to make the cloud theme for this blog. I thought I’d share with you how the image evolved. First, we went for a walk back in October, and there was a glorious cloud […]

Space Chart

Announcing the Brand New 2008 Corpus Christi Calendar! You have waited for over a year! Now it is here! A new Space Chart to help us keep track of where we are in the eternal revolutions made by Mother Earth around the Sun. We will start with a moment called January 1st and continue one […]

Clouds Calendar

Well, Carolyn asked for it, so we put together a calendar of some of our best pictures of clouds. It was difficult to decide which to include. I don’t think I would have chosen the two that Carolyn liked best, so consider it a group effort. Here’s the cover. It has all the holidays marked, […]

A New Height

To follow up on the post ‘Maya’s Return’ I add this as a pat on the backs of Joy and I. Joy and I did both of these pieces. The one called ‘Sueno de la Bruja’ was our first fun with painting dye on silk. Joy knew of the process, and I had the dream. […]

Maya’s Return

Today Joy and I felt a sense of accomplishment. We entered two pieces in a ‘Call for Entries’ at the Corpus Christi Art Center. Panic to make the deadline made for good motivation although I have to say most of the credit goes to Joy for encouraging me to fulfill some of the dreams I […]