Maya’s Return

Today Joy and I felt a sense of accomplishment. We entered two pieces in a ‘Call for Entries’ at the Corpus Christi Art Center. Panic to make the deadline made for good motivation although I have to say most of the credit goes to Joy for encouraging me to fulfill some of the dreams I have.

When I first heard of this invitation it immediately sparked my interest. It was initiated by The Big Read from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Arts Midwest. The theme surrounded a book by Rudolfo Anaya, ‘Bless Me Ultima’.

The story is magical realism about a young boy who struggles with his future pulled by the desires of his parents who came from different strong family backgrounds and the confusion of his cultural heritage. An elderly family member comes to live with his family, Ultima, a ‘curandera/healer’. Folklore, religion and myths of Hispanic culture were to be represented. We chose to show a layered ‘story’ with the top canvas picturing the Virgin of Guadalupe with a ‘torn out’ area to reveal a canvas layer behind depicting historical religion and culture of Pre-Columbian peoples.

The exhibit opens November 6 with a reception November 9 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Art center of Corpus Christi.

Maya’s Return


I have to say we enjoyed the work and the feeling of actually bringing a small dream to fruition.


  • She is beautiful, just like you! Y’all did good, one to encourage and one to let the paint flow…love the blue.

  • A very striking image–she gets my vote for a prize winner! Would love to hear how she came to be what she is. Congrats to all who had a hand in her creation! Love, Auntie

  • Exotic and thought provoking. I feel that each of the figures on the “Madonna” has a story about the ancient Maya culture. Your having lived in Mexico must have inspited you to create this interesting painting.

    Good work, son,

  • I like it very much, Steve, I want to see the rest. You should be down here on my roof, painting away. Maybe then you would inspire me to finish what I have started. I hope to see you and Joy soon.



  • hey Steve and Joy- I love it! Nothing like a deadline to bring out the best work. Her eyes are so expressive,the owl is enchanting- and the corn is pure gold!
    Really,really great piece. Good luck with the show.
    Hope all is well with you both….will stay tuned. Sarah

  • Steve & Joy,

    How thought provoking! The story is told exactly as you described the criteria.

    Very impress, educational. From ancient to modern, as is in many cultures. Keeping the culture alive pure. Connecting history through eyes of generations past and present.

    Good research and work.


  • Way over the edges of tejasmexicana, good stirrings of the curious soul with a community goal to just plain share, thanks a lot.

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