Tule; One big tree

The town of Santa Maria de Tule is a 20 minute bus ride to the northeast of Oaxaca. Saturday seemed like a good day to go, and off we went. It cost about $0.70 for both of us to ride the bus to Tule. As you leave the city, views open up on both sides of the road towards mountains that seem to have no roads. It is dry out here. I wonder how one of the Earth’s largest trees (if not the largest!) could survive out here. They say it is 2000 years old. The town is in a valley, and to our surprise there is abundant green and even carpet grass. I can only guess that water runs underground from the mountains for the surface is DRY.

‘El Tule’ is a block or so off the main road. We were not prepared for the grandeur of this tree! It is certainly the largest living thing I have ever seen! These days it is well cared for, along with several other giants nearby. I believe it is a type of cypress.


‘El Tule’ is on the left of the Church. There is a 3 peso charge at the gate. It seems the money goes to good use taking care of the tree and the surrounding gardens which were added in recent years.


This is a government building on the side opposite the church.

treeWe had to put together 4 different photos to get this much of the tree!


This is the base of the trunk. This is the ‘narrow’ side. The fence is at least 20 feet from the tree.


A couple of photos stuck together to try to give perspective.


We went into the church next to ‘El Tule’.


I thought this small shrine was interesting. Notice the lady’s reflection who was behind me as I shot.
This church, like all the many others here in and around Oaxaca, are full of magnificent large and small icons.

There was a wedding while we were there and as with every other celebration (or any excuse possible) there were fireworks.
Several exploding rockets were sent up first then this wheel was ignited. Believe me, this was too close for comfort. What a BANG!

We wandered the small town of Santa Maria de Tule, had barbacoa and quesadillas in the market with orange Fanta to wash it down.
It was another fine day here in the enchanted land of Oaxaca.


Flies…no, Bees…yes!




half joy



A base of the trunk of a smaller giant.


Joy enjoyed sitting in carpet grass and shade outside the market while I waited for the fireworks to be lit.

Adios for now!