Making Progress

Joy to Steve:
Well, I should have said so earlier, but I couldn’t get online…
I made it here just fine and have been busy cleaning up and helping Mama (she likes to complain about David not doing anything).
David took over the room I was using since the laptop connects to the neighbor in there. I’ll have to see what I can do to get it back.
I hope you are doing well and making progress.
I love you

Steve to Joy:
Hi to you!

I was in a quandary about what to do when I got home. I chose a short nap. The nap chose to be long. You can’t trust a nap.
Strange dreams…… was like I was in a world that you never knew if you were headed in a good direction or a bad one, they both just happened. Or something like that.

You know I like your little messages. Thank you.

Run David out. Or tell him you have a perfectly good room at home you can use. He could e-mail you there. Tell him you will be comfortable there or you will be comfortable at home. But YOU WILL be comfortable. You will not give up everything (although they will take everything you have if you let them).
Lyrics for the day: “Take your head in hand and make your own demands or crystallize on the shelf”.

I am making progress. I breathe, my heart beats. Many, many things are going on inside of me I know nothing about, too many to list if I did.
My life is hurtling towards it’s end. Now that is progress! I feed myself to keep all this working. I sleep so it can continue without my interruption. I eliminate it’s waste. I fuel it with water. Progress occurs without much help from me. I watch the sun as I spin towards it in the morning. I watch it as it disappears as I spin away from it’s light. We think that yelling out our ‘window’, patting some clay into a cake or kicking some dust as we ‘progress’ is the real progress. It is only diversions. We are just along for the ride.

I tried to call you several times. Funny, the phone was busy.

Would you like me to e-mail all those family members that are so concerned about your mom’s well being that they were giving you so much trouble but still feel you are good enough to do most of the work? I am sure all they need is to be asked to help and they will all come running. Or may be their lives are more important. They are married, have jobs, have kids. All by their own choice. They are all making ‘progress’!
Our choices in life can’t make our life more important than others who have chosen something different.
(I’m just venting because I care about you. I know you are there because you want to be, all things considered)

Lyrics: “This is the time in life that I am living and I will face each day with a smile. For the time that I have been given is such a little while. This is the time and this is the time and it is time time time…………………………..”

I love you (lyrics too, I guess)