Ron Paul

I’m with you on this Ron Paul thang.

Ron Paul Blasts Unconstitutional Undeclared Wars at GOP Debate

I might have to get you to register to vote.

But, in my (I was going to say ‘all reality’ but I changed my mind) ………….. in my way of thinking he comes off as too much of a wimp for this “Hollywood” nation to elect as their president. (who needs a god damn president anyway)

Yes, his stance is more in line with reason and ‘good’ but will voters look past his grey hair? I don’t know. Reason just has not been a strong point with the collective populace here in ‘America’ (we think that name is our own although in fact it covers most of this side of the earth).

Will ‘reason’ prevail? It could. So will the horrors of global warming. So will the population explosion continue. So will the eternal struggle of mankind/womankind to create the strong to survive against the weak.

I try not to be cynical. I just can’t seem to separate from it when poking my face into the looking glass. I need a strong illusion, a dream to believe in.

Nanci Griffith ( Before) lyrics:
“Then I dreamed of Texas
And the Gulf Coast shores
I dreamed of who we used to be
And the hope we had before”