Wild Goose Chase – Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring

For those of you who give any credence to astrology I am quoting from Rob Brezsny’s www.freewillastrology.com on Leo’s Sept. 24th reading about wild goose chasing, ” the meandering pursuit of a tricky quarry that after many convoluted twists and turns results in success and generates a lot of educational fun along the way “. I am in the midst of that for a few more weeks, according to Rob.
I have left the Campo of Nicaragua.  Back in Houston, (with me suffering from culture shock), Joy and I are both wondering ‘what’s next ?’.
A few more weeks is surely needed to find our way. At the moment we are visiting family and friends. I want to go north, experience a real winter. Are all these excursions only to paint ‘home’ with warm, glowing, ‘this is it’ colors? Especially considering the truth that I don’t know where ‘home’ is these days, all this adventuring could be an attempt to illuminate that ‘special’ place. I have no problem not knowing,  for awhile. Half the fun in life is finding what you want. And, believe me, we are deep in pursuit.
Excuse me, I can hear that goose honking right up around the bend………..

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  • Hey you old goose,

    Maybe home, happiness and satisfaction originate not in front of the eyes, but behind. Happiness involves living in good health and harmony within your environment wherever that may be.

    On experiencing a ‘real winter’, I can relate. It gives a glow to more tropical lifestyles, a counterpoint that makes sweet sweeter from either viewpoint. I’d guess a balance of both is just what the doctor ordered.

    Have fun and we’ll keep a candle burning in the window.

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