Make the Most of Your Time

Steve to Joy:
I miss you already.
I always feel as if I could have done more to make our time together better. I’m sorry for that. And now you won’t be here for awhile.
I guess that is a lesson for both of us. Make the most of your time with your mom while you can and I will try harder when you are home again.
Don’t forget to show appreciation for your greatest teacher, your mom. She may not be as sharp as she has been in the past but she will feel your love in her heart. Even if her mind is ‘on holiday’.
Well, I cooked for you.
Alas, you are gone.
The best pork chops you ever thru a lip over, okry, con bread that would make Aunt Jamima cry. (I have not tasted any of it yet, I just have a feeling)
I also whipped up a ‘small’ batch of salsa (I tried to make it small. As it was it filled the blender). Joy! It is the best ever! Only one problem……it is too hot to eat. Even for me!
You are there, I am here. Our love is stretched but not strained. It is true, absence makes the heart grow fond.
I miss you.

I’m going to bed………………

Hank Williams Sr. (I’m So Tired Of It All) Lyrics:
All my life I’ve been so lonesome
If happiness came, I missed the call
All my dreams have died and vanished
And now I’m so tired of it all.

In life and love, I’ve been a failure
Too many tears thru it all
Too many broken vows and promises
And now I’m so tired of it all.

Every thing I loved, I lost, dear
Too many times I’ve watched my castles fall
My life is full of regretting
And now I’m so tired of it all.

From this world I’ll soon be goin’
No one will miss me, after all
Up there, I pray I’ll find contentment
But now I’m so tired of it all