Looking back

My days go by and I wish for more
Time better spent with work I enjoy
But only the past seems to have the door
Where I can peek through to see my ideal employ

So today I’m blind and wander lost
Barely seeing my nose in front of my face
With many tomorrows I will have paid the cost
To see what should have been my place

Joy to Steve: Can I put that on the blog?

Steve to Joy: Well certainly. I suggest you take this one seriously: (a ‘spontaneous suggestion’)
Rob’s horoscope says:

“The secret to success is to always be in love,” said educator and ex-army officer John H. Stanford. “Staying in love gives you the fire to ignite other people, to see inside other people, to have a greater desire to get things done than other people.” Did Stanford mean that you should be forever infatuated with some irresistible human being? Or was he referring to a more all-purpose phenomenon, like being in love with life? I urge you to meditate with great diligence and exuberance on this matter, Taurus, because you are, in my astrological opinion, going through a phase when love is EVERYTHING. It’s the question and the answer, the hammer and the nail, the dreamy necessity and the pragmatic mystery.

Joy to Steve: Hey! Yours sounds like I shouldn’t put it on the blog:

“Success is dangerous,” said Picasso. “One begins to copy oneself, and to copy oneself is more dangerous than to copy others. It leads to sterility.” Sorry to start your horoscope with a warning, Leo, especially given how much beautiful success you’ve generated recently. But the astrological omens suggest you may soon be tempted to turn your spontaneous outpourings into pat formulas. And that would be a shame. There’s still a lot more fresh hot mojo brewing within you, and it’ll reach its highest expression if it keeps surprising you. Trust what’s fresh, uncategorizable, and at the frontiers of your understanding.

Steve to Joy:  Not to worry. The blog is just an extension of outpourings. To get too set in one’s dillusionary answers of how things should be would be ‘getting stuck’. Think you have it all figured out and it changes! That is the true danger. Be flexible and you know I like to be flexible and flop back and forth.
Seems I had a dream where I was dying (don’t worry, I’m not……any time soon) and I felt the need to give you advice: “You are a beautiful, strong, cute, smart and interesting person. Love yourself ! And then expand that love to everyone around you. Everyone is as they are, perfectly imperfect not unlike yourself. And, there has to be one of everyone. Every niche must be filled. But we are all one. Try to appreciate what everyone has to share with you. But make love part of your every minute.”
Fits your horoscope!