On the Roof; Sunrise & Sunset

We have moved into our new apartment at the panadería, which has been run for many years by Estela. I believe she is 87 and loves her work. Her son, Fernando, is living here to help out, although his family lives in Mexico City. They are both very wonderful people. The apartment is new, completed in September of last year and is the only one they have for rent. While living here we can visit with them several times a day, watch the bakery work and smell the wonderful aroma. Their oven is also new and fueled with oak wood.

For now, we are sharing only the view from the roof, accessible by a new metal safety ladder. The whole valley of Oaxaca is in view from here. With a little help from the time change, we got to see this beautiful sunrise.

Sunrise to the East
That dome is Carmen Alto, whose bell rings early in the morning. It is less than a block away.

Sunrise to the North
The red house is next to the bakery entrance along the street.

Sunrise to the Southwest
The big clump of trees is the zócalo, just 6 or 7 blocks down the street.

Sunrise to the Southeast
The church in the center is Santo Domingo, one block east of Carmen Alto.

Sunrise to the West

Sunset to the Southeast
Santo Domingo

Sunset to the North

Sunset to the South