Only Moments Make Up a Life

August Moody here….

In moments we live and in every one there is truth
But still, little do we know
This life, be born in truth or spoof
We must employ these moments to truly live and grow
And this is all we have to share

And in darkness we think we see
‘Tis little do we know
Grand dreams, we at the center be
And youth and beauty we love them so
Our fate, not so bad, usually youth is ours

Taken to extreems, old me might live to be
I would not fight another view
What youth and beauty had meaned to me
Would not itself show while youth was new
Soon, what we had is remembered but far from our reach

So at times I do rememeber
As most my life could be written and sold
‘Cause exciting it was: wild, young and tender
Nothing imagined, drunk or stoned, sometimes bold
Was ever withheld

How does that now benefit my life
Now that loneliness has overtaken me
Are none of you immune to snife
And in today’s world, when technoligy be
Why can’t I get an e-mail?