August’s Lament Related

Encourage me toward propensity
Remind today of life’s ungency
Dissolve from me procrastination
Ice my cake with  inspiration

Belief in myself, no holding back
Of nothing important let me lack
Courage and note of obliviousness
Feed my ability to fully express

To share with you my family
And lovers and friends who true magic breed
But loved ones now here don’t forever live
Our complacency, in time, will no pleasure give

Take me to the dance with the ones I love
Now is our time to give while the ground above
But loved ones here now don’t forever live
Nor, our distractions, in time, will much pleasure give


  • Uh huh. Yeah, I get it.
    It goes with the quote at the top: “Thank you for sending me a copy of your book; I’ll waste no time reading it.” — Moses Hadas

  • Express Yourself, be tortured not.
    Cling to the moment, it disappears if left uncaught.

    Measure not time, but connecting of soles
    Find your pleasures in the lense of your eye
    Treasure is not burried but inhaled by each breath

    Will you feel the same tomorrow, maybe not, did you meet your goals? Only time will show how hard you tried.

  • While I understand that what is written will never be accepted by all it is disconcerting to find some comments so negative from ones who know you. Here is a new post seed planted and pondered. It will have to do with how well we really know others, even ones close to us and how well we know ourselves. But isn’t it great that we can air our praise or disapproval out in the open! We might ask ourselves what are our motives. Are we just joining in with our own ideas? Do we hope to share love, manipulate and control, slyly suggest or just plain feel the need to pump out the truth as we see it? But that, truth, like so many things in life, is relative. It is prone to interpretation.
    I happen to like this post by August. His thoughts seem so close to mine. Strange.
    I, have in the past, received some almost hateful comments and have deleted them. Later I felt I had made a mistake because rich, fertile, even manure like thoughts cause wonderful ideas and expressions to grow, for all to see and learn from.
    So, like Bu$h might say “Bring it on”.

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