Best Day Ever

Steve to Joy: Happy Best Day Ever! And to answer your question “why do you go to work?”: I go to work because on this Best Day it is what I know that works to earn a living for myself. … […]

On the Edge

Joy to Steve: Finding Meaning in Life Steve to Joy: I like that one. I will read it more at home. So, from a brief overview it seems that whatever it is we want we must use the old carrot … […]

It’s Natural

Happy Wednesday, Lots of rain, no motivation. “I would rather be dreaming” The political situation is on my mind. I am trying to grasp the ‘big picture’, ‘why?’. As bad as it all seems I am afraid it is natural. … […]

Circo Medina!

While riding in a taxi to move to our new apartment, we had to make our way through a circus caravan traveling into the city from the north. The elephants, horses, and ponies were plodding along with the other traffic. … […]