Ron Paul

I’m with you on this Ron Paul thang. Ron Paul Blasts Unconstitutional Undeclared Wars at GOP Debate I might have to get you to register to vote. But, in my (I was going to say ‘all reality’ but I changed my mind) ………….. in my way of thinking he comes off as too much of […]

Rebel Part of Me

Steve to Joy: Well, I guess and hope you made it to your destination OK. I went out to the art deal at Nuevo Cafe. The artist, whom I talked with, was pretty good, He had traveled a lot in Mexico and painted people mostly. I then went to the Surf Club and listened to […]

Best Day Ever

Steve to Joy: Happy Best Day Ever! And to answer your question “why do you go to work?”: I go to work because on this Best Day it is what I know that works to earn a living for myself. Until I learn a better way I will most likely repeat this every Best Day. […]

On the Edge

Joy to Steve: Finding Meaning in Life Steve to Joy: I like that one. I will read it more at home. So, from a brief overview it seems that whatever it is we want we must use the old carrot trick, hold it almost within reach. Desire it and work towards it but keep it […]

It’s Natural

Happy Wednesday, Lots of rain, no motivation. “I would rather be dreaming” The political situation is on my mind. I am trying to grasp the ‘big picture’, ‘why?’. As bad as it all seems I am afraid it is natural. God and the Devil…….life has taught us to create them in our image. I was […]

Make the Most of Your Time

Steve to Joy: I miss you already. I always feel as if I could have done more to make our time together better. I’m sorry for that. And now you won’t be here for awhile. I guess that is a lesson for both of us. Make the most of your time with your mom while […]

Circo Medina!

While riding in a taxi to move to our new apartment, we had to make our way through a circus caravan traveling into the city from the north. The elephants, horses, and ponies were plodding along with the other traffic. I later went to one of their performances. I think I was the only ‘gringo’ […]