Best Day Ever

Steve to Joy:

Happy Best Day Ever!
And to answer your question “why do you go to work?”:
I go to work because on this Best Day it is what I know that works to earn a living for myself. Until I learn a better way I will most likely repeat this every Best Day. But today is a good day to think about alternative possibilities!
I love you,
And on this Best Day Ever………why do you choose to be with me? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Joy to Steve:
I choose to be with you because it’s the best I’ve ever found. I love who you are and can learn a lot from you. I’m not thinking about alternatives.
Have your Best Day!
I love you

Steve to Joy:
You never know when one might show up!
I doubt it is possible though.

Joy to Steve:
One what?
You’re part of what makes it the Best Day Ever, you know. Without you, it wouldn’t be.
Read this political article…

Steve to Joy:
An “alternative” …….
The Best Day Ever will continue even if both of us are gone………………
I don’t time or interest to read “conservative propaganda!” The Best Day Ever is just too short (even if it does last 1000 years).
And what is for lunch on the Best Day Ever?

Joy to Steve:
Would it be the Best Lunch Ever?
That would have to be something filling, satisfying, wonderful. I wonder what that is….

Steve to Joy:
Well I imagine that would be shrimp, lobster and fish on a beach grill in the shade of a palm frond palapa overlooking azure blue ocean with green mountains in the background and a cool breeze.
Fresh pineapple, pan fried brown rice with herb butter rolled in fresh spinach leaves on the side. May be a coconut and cream freeze to sip.
We might have to be a little closer to the source for this Best Day Ever.
But you can make plans on the BDE.
I’ll come home today. That is just as good.