It’s Natural

Happy Wednesday,
Lots of rain, no motivation.
“I would rather be dreaming”

The political situation is on my mind. I am trying to grasp the ‘big picture’, ‘why?’.
As bad as it all seems I am afraid it is natural. God and the Devil…….life has taught us to create them in our image.
I was thinking about an article I read in the ‘john’ one day in the Oil and Gas Journal at Lufkin Automation. As it turns out it is why our present situation is happening.
part one:
part two:

The battle rages on
A tiger stalks it’s prey
Men will die and be gone
You and I live another day

Life can not be only joy
For we all know we will die
Death is also in our employ
Nothing to believe except in why

Whether we like it or not
Killers will not ever go away
If we choose just to watch that is our lot
And peace is just a dream for another day