What if Mark Twain had Gone Deeper?


Mark Twain is a Mentor, Inspiration to me.

I was in a dream as my place on the Earth, again, found the Sun. Glory be for that. If it was up to me we would all be spinning off into Oblivion, hopeless.

I was with people new to me (in my dream). A woman of my age, in the arts, I think, was escorting me through her home. She was close behind me as I peered into an adjoining room as a young girl sat cross legged on the floor. She had four heads. All 4 fell to the floor and rolled around. The woman behind me watched my reaction to such a scene. I was not shaken and as, it seemed, a reward, mentally shot a force in round rings as if a pebble in water and as it hit me I was thrown back but passed through a wall with no friction. I felt euphoric, loving. I then woke up.

The night before I had thoughts of Aliens who have been seen visiting this area. What a wonderful idea to meet up with one or two. Then the dream.

If you want to know more encourage me. Encourage me to write the short story that has come to me since of Aliens among us who, if you are aware of the fact that they are here and only accept a genuine spirit, will present themselves to us. And oh what gifts they have to share!

Beyond that I was hoping to convey to Joy what was the most important thought I ever had in my life. She was disappointed with my bridge to this creative world I tend to employ and I fell short of sharing my treasure. Thanks to modern high gadgetry I will hope this gets to her. My treasure is that Love is the Key to the Universe. “Try it, you’ll like it”. Put it to the test but be prepared. There are those who will know what you are up to and will come to your aid.



I want a white suit.

Adios for Now