Today’s Lyrics

To make your own lyrics is to put your life to music. Every day is just a song. What do we add to it?

Today is the day I have waited for

I have time to live, though it be brief

Each day is as life; how could we want more

And time takes it too soon as uncovered gold does a thief


The World turns with good and bad

Ignore what you please, the rest won’t go away

Think of all the good times you have had

And, to forget the remainder is what we pray


I have found Joy in midst of the turmoil

She, as a light house, shows me the way

Only to notice my own ocean aboil

To safe harbor, her love keeps the waves at bay


She may not hold out to the storm that me follows

So far, she stands tall and bright as the clear day

Does she know that this sailor’s life was hollow

Until her beacon showed me the ‘way’?

Lime Kiln Light House Photo byMichael Bertand