The World as We See It


It took me a long time but it was worth the wait. I finally found a movie to rent that I could relate to, laugh out loud to and learn something from:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

It makes me open my eyes to the fact that we are strangers in a strange land. We should be wary at every turn. “What’s next?”

The over dramatization, using various compounds, is parallel to our every day lives, which we have become accustomed to, senses dulled, safe in our ‘shell’ for protection. Those who dare to break out find the world full of circus acts, strange people, insanity in full throttle.

My semi-subconscious is always complaining about the things I see around me, ‘Car Girls, Car Boys in Car Town’, Buy Me! Buy Me’s everywhere! Fashion, though weird, seems as fitting as the smiles on the wearers faces can make them. I need sanctuary!

Happy Holidaze


  • Wow, a movie just like life. Who woulda thunk?

    So why aren’t you laughing out loud? You always say “People are funny.”

    You have sanctuary, here in crazy land.

  • B.S.

    ‘Life is what you make it.’
    ‘You are what you eat.’

    You need a change of scenery, not sanctuary!
    There’s a wonderful world out here
    full of circus acts and strange people
    ….insanity at full throttle.

    Tell that nagging semi-subconscious
    to put a lid on it and let’s get moving!


  • Bah-humbug!!!

    Light requires you to open your eyes to see it!!!!!!!!

    Turn the switch on within. You might really enjoy some of the trip down the tunnel to the light.

    Do you feel that perhaps the plastic world, with plastic people, and plastic trees, are drapes over the “darkness” that has robbed your vision for light. Someone we both know might have said,” plastic snow is better than no snow at all”.

  • Amen Sister Joy !
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    And I’ll have another slice of pecan pie please.

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