No Pie in the Sky

I made this pie today: Mystery Pecan Pie

I wanted to say it is very good, but, well, it’s a mystery.
I didn’t quite follow the recipe, since I had only dark corn syrup and no light syrup. I also added just a touch of lime to the cream cheese part and a small dollop of molasses to the syrup part.

The pecans float, no matter where you put them. The two separate fillings mix also, despite my pouring the top one on carefully. I think that’s why it’s a mystery. It’s hard to tell what you’re eating with it mixed.

I think it would be better as separate pies. And that means more pies!

After 40 minutes of baking, the syrup part was as thin as water. I had to put it back in to bake for another 30 minutes at least. (I don’t really know since I didn’t time it.) The texture ended up sort of like toothpaste. I’m not real sure how it’s supposed to be.

I put some butter on a piece and ate it warm. It was fairly good, but not really what I expected.

I sometimes wonder if anyone actually makes all those recipes floating around. Some of them make no sense at all.

So if you want a good version of a pecan pie, try the one with cranberries. It’s really good.