Something to Get My Hands Into

Hanging out in beautiful Mexico too long can cause problems. Even though there is always something to do in Oaxaca I found myself near the coast with beautiful beach, perfect climate, wonderful people, etc. After a few months I just got bored, sad to say. Wanted to get my hands into something. So, Joy and I came to Corpus Christi and I bought a house. No time now to be bored; not for years to come.

I am not sure what year it was built, may be the 1930’s,  but I could tell it was well built. On the surface it needs everything, in and out. But the house itself is solid. All the wood is hard, in and out. Time will tell if I got more than I bargained for. It will take years to get to where I want it. But, I now have something to ‘get my hands into’ for some time to come. (be careful what you wish for)

A painter lived here. His name was Amador. Some of his work is on the wall of an add on room where he worked. She is called ‘La Gitanilla’, a Spanish Gypsy Girl. I believe she is straight from a novel by Cervantes, 1613. I will find it and read about her.

Several things were in need of getting my hands into immediately. First, trimming trees. One big ash tree was cracked and its fall (maybe on the house) was impending. As I cut it, it slipped off its stump and fell toward me with nowhere to run but between house and shed (it was supposed to fall the other way). That was a close one. I mean really close.

Next was some falling brick work. I admire a good mason. I am not one. Believe me, this is work. Tear down, chip off old mortar, acid wash, rebuild. All that may sound simple but once you get your hands into it you find out it is not. But it came out OK. Like cutting big trees I don’t want to do it again.

Within about a week we have heavy brush pick up day. I’ll have my share. Be glad to see it all gone as front and back yard is full.

This is most of the trimming done….but not all.

No end in sight. For years. But, I have something to get my hands into and I actually enjoy it (or most of it). Inside and out, underneath and on top there is everything to do. But it is and will be a great house for many more years.


Stay tuned…