Efforts Towards Real Experiences

Decided to alter my eat, sleep, dream, exist towards some real new experiences. Chris would be disappointed in me if I did not take advantage of the local offerings. So, I embarked on a fishing trip this afternoon. Mostly Norwegians, a fellow Texan and various others.

Dario was our captain. His mates and us adventures headed out into the Pacific for fish and fun. First stop, a calm bay area, 15 to 20 feet deep for a loosen up swim. Perfecto! Next some fishing. Trolling brought in, with the help of us novices,  some grand tunas and a few jacks. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I was able to talk to a few of the blond Norwegians, David and Eric (the great!).  They are a group studying Spanish and culture in Leon, down here for a few days off. One, the son of a recent Nobel Prize winner.

We all had a good time. At 8:00 we all meet at a resturant to eat our catch. Tomorrow I head up the coast, surf board in tow, to catch the swell scheduled to arrive for a few days. Wish me luck!