What Do You See?

Steve fishingI’ve heard it said that you can find beauty anywhere you look. For the photographers of the world, that means there is a never-ending supply of pictures to take.

Steve decided to go fishing in the bay, across the street. So I took the camera to see what I would see.

The water is pretty shallow for a good 50 feet out at least. I wish I could read nature’s writing. She seems to have a lot to say.

sand in shallow water

I am reminded of thick, broken glass when the wind blows ripples on the waves.


The water can look very different from various angles.


There are lots of creatures in the water, very beautiful.

cabbage head


Some of these pictures have so much in them, you can zoom in and still have a rich photo.

algae - first crop algae - second crop (click to see bigger)

jellyfish - zoom (click to see bigger)


Steve did catch a trout, about 15 inches long. He threw him back, hoping for a bigger one.


How can something look so fluid and so stiff at the same time?

water - crop 1 water - crop 2 (click to see bigger)

And something else just looks stiff, but so multi-colored.

cement - crop1 cement - crop2 (click to see bigger)

That’s some of what I found in an hour and a half across the street.