Manifesting is too hard!

Joy to Steve:

Steve to Joy:
Again, it is too much to read. I get the impression that it is so much like all the other secrets revealed for a price. Sounds good but I don’t have enough interest or belief to even give it an honest try. I wantz the quick fix, the easy way, a pill, a higher power making it happen, an accidental slipstream to the top (kind of like shoots and ladders but with elevators), a fortuitous windfall, a lighting bolt to my heart from my muse and gods, a short circuit in my brain that sets it all straight and lets me be called an instant genius, an open channel that fills me in on enough to make it easy to excel, a phone call to my inner (and hidden) self that tells him (or her) that I have won the celestial lottery and will live happily ever after, a virus that eats away unuseful brain cells and replaces them with new ones that have all the answers, loose 20 lbs. and start getting younger, be chosen to receive the powers of superman (who has become tired of them), meet a girl named Joy, grow muscle mass just by imagining it, find myself at the top of life with a new pair of wings, just all of a sudden be able to speed read 100,000 words a minute and retain it all, feel like taking a trip to see you but because I feel so good I choose to jog, finally have my brain gets tired of being abused by the life I lead and set up all the connections required to make $100,000 an hour just talking on stage.

Now, come on, is that too much to ask? Not of the crown of creation that has (humbly) no idea of our potential until one day it all just clicks. It could happen. No, really. Stop holding your breath though, all things in good time.

In other words, I am lazy. But you know that. Give me luck or give me death. So far, so good.

Now you, on the other hand, are a realist. You know the value of applying yourself and reaping the benefits from hard work, using what you were given to excel. So don’t let my go nowhere do nothing attitude slow you down. I am still alive so I must be doing, at least, the least required. All the other comes from magic in my unique mind. And friends and lovers breed magic. Now there would be a secret worth selling!

Besides, love is all you need. Work on that and everything else will fly into place, the pieces will fit, the pie will come out of the sky cooked just right, the cats will meow, El Dorado will appear on the horizon, fish will bite, clouds will part, and your overall attitude about the rest of it will be one of insightful understanding and acceptance along with unwavering happiness. All the time. Happily every after.

I love you.

Joy to Steve:
Wow. I just thought you might find something interesting there. I had no idea you had all that built up inside. I’ve got a lot more of those links; do you want to keep going until it’s all out?

Steve to Joy:
I got lots of sleep last night. No journey into the underworld last night. May be tonight. Talk to my ol hidden self to see what’s up with me. I know the action will start soon, that is why I want to be as lazy as possible. That is always the way I do things, when I know I’m going on a diet all I want to do is eat. All this non action and non thinking is getting old but it has served it’s usefulness. May be, after this weekend, I’ll be on to action and ideas galore. Hey, it could happen.

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