Quiet Holiday

After a very quiet morning in Merida, walking the empty streets looking at the various patinas of paint on the walls, we now hear a few cars and a few more rockets. Apparently the major event of the holiday season … […]

Mayan Mysteries

After spending three days on the northwest side of the historical center, zocalo, I found the English Library and from a folder with local rentals found Yucatan Vista Inn, run by Alan, the Canadian.He is very interesting to spend time … […]

What’s Home?

I’ve been looking for a home for awhile now. Nothing I find seems to fit the vague picture in my head. Attempts to flesh out the details falter somehow and the picture remains vague. Last night I watched the movie … […]


The Vision Serpent, link between the spiritual and physical, named by the Mayans, ‘Kukulkan’ is my first link into true insight of Mayan culture. This batik by local Mayan artist Abraham Cuamal Alli portrays the serpent . There is a … […]

Merida, Miller and Mayan Muse

So often we grab at but do not acknowledge serendipity. I am in the midst of one such occurrence, holed up in Merida in the Yucatan and mid way into “Henry Miller on Writing”. Serendipity is in action. Quoting Henry … […]

Cold and Wet

Houston actually got some snow this year. And early in December, at that! It didn’t stick all morning, and then it piled up a little bit. I hear that El Campo (an hour south) got three inches. It was a … […]

The Love Puppet Theater

It’s now time to enter the door of winter. Fall has always brought about inner turmoil for me. This one is no exception. I really have nothing to complain about, just generally lost as to ‘whats next’. And making a … […]

Traveling and Unplanned Events

Joy and I are in Missouri visiting some of her family members: Robbie, her brother and his wonderful family in Osceola. Now we are visiting Lisa, her sister, farther up north, another very loving and welcoming bunch! So much to … […]

A Good Day

Today, for me, was a good day, I guess. Long night, well rested, not up too early. I start each day with, at least, a cold pan of well water over my head. Wakes me up quickly. Pineapple and bananas … […]

Country Life

My brother Robbie has a bunch of chickens that follow you around, looking for a handout. This dog is very much at home with the chickens and doesn’t chase them, unlike the last dog. I think there are more walnuts … […]