Hanging Out

I’m hanging out in San Juan del Sur, south Nicaragua, Pacific side. Good size town, plenty of anything one needs or might want. Good food, great coffee, enough going on late to get your fill of fun (or find trouble!). I just skim the surface. These waters run deep and much goes on that I […]

Rain In My Window

These mountains is where fresh air is made. I think it must be so. To see, as I walk down roads of red dirt, dark gray menacing clouds sneak over verdant mountains, wind racing down out of nowhere, makes me glad I am close to the campo. But to miss those moments just before a […]


Well I gave my ‘noticia’. Yes, I feel a bit of a no good jerk. But, I will get over it. I think David understood, somewhat. I hope so. I don’t know exactly what day I will be moving on but probably this week. I have already ‘discussed’ (meaning, I think they understood pretty well) […]

Teach Us How To Live

After ‘talking’ with you Joy I kept on the net looking for ideas for securing panels from thieves. I am in Ocotol again to work on the net. Theft of panels seems to be a problem that has been born from the value and ease of stealing them. This is not a third world problem […]

In A New Place

( I don’t think I sent this one yet from a few days ago) Long Day, I started out with 12 dreams, each between the rooster’s call. One, I remember well, trying to get somewhere (as usual) and passing 2 foot tall praying mantis fighting giant spiders. Vivid. I like the rooster’s call. It’s kind […]