Uxmal Revisited

We had a good day back out at Uxmal, a ruin full of stone carvings. Many things I had missed before made it well worth the trouble plus Joy had not been there.

Many structures there, seemed to be living spaces. Some rooms I would stick my camera in (dark) and shoot. I could hear the unhappy bats start to stir. Three foot long iguanas would scramble back into holes as we would turn many corners. Very steep steps to the top of what must have been special places back when, 1000+ years ago.

We would venture off the cleared areas to find ruins yet to be uncovered, pottery shards easilly found of red clay. Paths off into the forest, caves I dared not climb down into, treasures, I am sure, still to be unearthed below our feet.

So many patterns carved in stone, quite a few repeated and obviously had meaning. Details missed the first trip were found and so interesting.