Tribal Gathering Spring 2009

My Friends and I have been having fun since way back, some 50 years or more! We get together at least twice a year for our official ‘Tribal Gathering’.

I feel pretty lucky and love them all.

Here we are during the first weekend in March.

Click on a thumbnail to see a bigger picture and then click on the title “Tribal Gathering…” above the picture to navigate back to the thumbnails.

And thanks to Tom for “The Tribe” picture in Gary’s back yard……..The Tribe


  • great moments, great memories—wouldn’t have been the same w/o you, steve. peace, my brother, gcoin.

  • I wish I had that many friends…or did you just hire some guys at the golf course to pose for you? Seriously I am happy you all get together and have so much fun. When I first saw “tribal” I thought there was going to be a powwow and I was invited. See you soon in Merida or Nicaragua.

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