Saturday (in the park)

To Joy:
It is beautiful here, so green where I am staying, in the mountains.
I am staying with a very nice family of 2 grandparents, mother, 3 sons and a beautiful 19 year old daughter, not 13 as I thought.

They put me to shame! They get up at five thirty in the morning and everyone works, either at fetching water from the community well, cooking food from scratch or working in their fields. This is quite an experience and an eye opener. All the power they have comes from 2 small solar cells with 2 batteries. I have to remember to use my light sparingly and certainly not during the day.

It is not easy as usual to communicate. Today I have come 2 hours by bus (I thought it would be 20 minutes)to Esteli, a pretty large town, to get on the net and buy a few items. So word will be slow in coming. The nearest internet cafe is in Ocotal, a smaller town 20 minutes by bus but always packed. I can not charge my computer at ‘home’ so that will be a challenge too. Maybe at the Solar Center.

So far I am surviving but three months seems like a long time. I have yet to have a decent bath or shower. I´ll get it wired. It is outside with bucket of water and bowl.

These people really live so close to the earth. Every bit counts for them and, to the children, a new baseball would be a treasure. They all seem happy and friendly but our cultures certainly clash. Somehow I feel the spoiled and lazy one. I hope I pick up some of their simple values and gratefulness for what they have.

I am certainly a stranger in a strange land. It would be great for my grand daughters to at least know how other kids live in other parts of the world. A boy just a little older than Skyler, ‘Maynor’ gets up early too and either works in the fields or goes to school. He is very friendly, curious and happy, a great kid.

I am off to find my way around this town now, a few things to pick up. Luckily there is a town square although they do not call them ‘zocalo’ here, more like the centro or park.
I love you and want to hear from you soon,

Since it is so difficult to access the net and no battery left at the house you can post pieces of what I write if you wish. I will be ‘working’ tomorrow by going to Ocotal to get on the net to do some research. That will be my big job for the day.

This is kind of short because I am a little afraid of missing the last bus. I hope to get back before dark! I would have a real time, not only seeing my bus stop along the highway but the paths and road to the house is dark!

I wrote you anther email last night but did not bring my computer to town today.
Adios for now