Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am off to Nicaragua!

Why? That will be explained in a not too distant future post (when I have time to think about it).

Truth is there are many reasons. Adventure. Opportunity. Challenge. Escape. Education. These, at least, apply.

This, the night before my flight, I feel what I imagine an astronaut feels as blast off nears. Once I step through the door of that craft I have stepped into the unknown. And this trip is ripe with unknown! Considering all the things I rounded up to outfit myself I will probably look like something from a distant world the moment I step on Nicaraguan soil.
I just hope my contact with this land and people will bring about mutual benefit.

Joy supports me in my effort to find what treasures I can and will be on a quest of her own. (We will hope to hear from her too along the way)

Wish us luck!