A Good Day

Today, for me, was a good day, I guess. Long night, well rested, not up too early. I start each day with, at least, a cold pan of well water over my head. Wakes me up quickly. Pineapple and bananas for breakfast with coffee and homemade tarts: I wouldn’t say ‘sweet’ but after being dipped in sweet coffee, mmmm.

I took time to work up three new drawings with changes in mind for my project which will make it more simple and will use two poles instead of one to mount the solar panels. Mauro thinks that is best and even though I don’t it really makes no difference (except someone, not me, will have to dig two holes instead of one). Lunch was served, fresh chicken with rice, beans and home grown tomatoes!

Work put aside I read for several hours on ‘Three Cups of Tea’. Funny how a quote from the book is in line with my thinking about how these people may not really be better off with more technology, but may have something to teach us about how to live in a sustainable way close to nature.

A short visit to another family close by produced more coffee, bread and ‘alote’: corn roasted quite hard. I like it and I thought of how Joy and I enjoy a daily dose of ‘crunch’, mostly via corn chips and salsa at one of Corpus Christi’s budget (but good) Mexican restaurants. I miss that (and her!)

Back up the hill to the house. Put on my hiking shoes and up another mountain alone. This was quite a hike but well worth the effort. I couldn’t stay long, sunlight fades fast here behind far off mountains. This mountain had huge standing rocks at top to walk out and stand to view the entire valley, including where I am living, much too small from up there to see in a photo. Made it down just before dark! Back to the newly built brick shower stall for more cold well water (I was soaked with sweat).

Some quick cards with Maynor and Carlos (an uncle), fresh beans and tortilla (which after the climb was extra sabroso!) and now, under 4th day new moon and bright stars (and mosquito net!) I write to you.