How do you define fun?

I’ve been thinking that I want to be a more fun person, such that people would actually use the word fun to describe me. Sounds great, but this thought brings up other painful thoughts such as I’m not currently fun and the change is needed. Another thing that always comes up for me is the big “How?”.

“What the devil is the point of surviving, going on living, when it’s a drag? But you see, that’s what people do.” — Alan Watts

A few years ago I found it very interesting to ask people “How do you define fun?”. I always got different answers such as “something I enjoy” or “something I would want to do over and over” or even the specific “parties!”. It wasn’t until I met Steve that I got an answer that felt right and caused me to stop asking. He said,

“Fun is an attitude”

Isn’t an attitude kind of like a mood? Can you stay in one mood all the time? Or just put on the face when around people? That sounds contrived.

What is fun to one person can be really annoying to another. But then again, it’s an attitude. The person with the attitude that squelches fun can influence the person with the attitude that everything is fun. They might think it’s more fun to be accepted than to have their chosen outlook on life.

I know I can change my attitude, but I often forget to. I need to make it a habit. Now it sounds like work. Maybe it’s just a matter of remembering to look for opportunities. After all, I don’t want to try to be something I’m not.