I am a Mexican

I am a Mexican

As such I was born

Of this soul is my clan

Even through death I can’t be torn

For death is a friend of mine


‘Mexican’ from me can not be washed

Through time or water or dress

Use me, hate me, vilify me and it can’t be crushed

Being that MY gods curse or bless

There is nothing to refine


When I cross the river

And invade your dream

You don’t know that I am the giver

To enslave me is your scheme

Life and freedom for me, is no longer mine


Know this you of the north:

Your need takes its toll

My life’s spirit loses its worth

I am no longer whole

And within I die, in time


Guadalupe, I pray, is witness to me

I love my heritage and the blood in my veins

My land, my family, impoverished will be

You and I will never see the same

But life for my loved ones will not be denied


  • You’re not a Mexican!
    But seriously, what are you saying? Are you blaming “those of the north” for the impoverished state of the Mexicans?
    And who is trying to deny life for their loved ones?

  • Thank you very much Ms Reynolds for your reply to my writing.
    No, I am not a Mexican but I am related to one.
    And, I consider that part of me in spirit is also Mexican.

    I don’t think I am blaming those of the north for anything except the desire for a class of people to be exploited.
    Explotation here looks better than prospects for individuals and their families down south so they come.
    But what inspired this piece was a brief thought that the people who cross the river to live this illegal life must die a little for it. There is a price to be paid. It partly comes from a song I heard at the Surf Club last night and partly from a passage I read from the book : ” I remember that when I commented to a Mexican friend of mine on the loveliness of Berkeley she said “Yes, it’s very lovely, but I don’t belong here. Even the birds speak English. How can I enjoy a flower if I don’t know its right name, its English name, the name that has fused with its colors and petals, the name that’s the same thing as the flower? We are withdrawn within ourselves”
    Conditions in Mexico deny life to many in Mexico. I think that is why they are more ready to make peace and even befriend death.

    So, I know how you feel about illlegals. I have my own opinions about peoples and why we do what we do in the short time we have.
    These are just events, not epics (is that how it went?).

  • when i was in college, everyone wanted to be a lawyer, or doctor, accountant, nurse, or businessman. I majored in Latin American cultures (sociology) and Spanish. Yep, when i grow up i want to be a Mexican too!!

  • My grandfather Garza was a Mexican. I have a small amount of his blood in my veins. I am mostly composed of German blood, but much prefer the Mexican ways of life over the German ways. From what I have seen, heard, smelled, and tasted, and felt – from both sides of these cultures, the love, the dances, the colors, the foods and beverages bestowed by the Mexicans is more to my liking and embedded deep within my corazon. It makes be feel ALIVE. Although not pure bred, I am a Mexican!
    Viva la Raza!

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